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Our desire here at Fire Fall Gatherings is that you can be transformed by the word of truth driving it deeper into your heart, and soul so it does more than just fill your mind with mere knowledge. You'll find two sections. Video and Written to meet your learning needs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

Video Teachings: For the Visual Learner

Chose from a growing list of video teachings collected form the best gatherings we have had over our history.

Written Teachings: Love To Read

For those who love to read you can enjoy the ever growing library of written teachings that you can print out, highlight and really dig into.

Teaching Objectives

To sow the word of God deep into your  heart
Increase your love, faith, & trust in the Lord.
To help your soul, with all it's functions, align with what's already in your spirit

Your Training Instructor

Shawn Patrick

Shawn's training, which spans 40+ years goes back as far as 1976. where he had his first dream/vision of the fire of God and the glory of His presence falling from the sky like clouds all around the Church.

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